Ken Rich

Creator of the Indie Gospel network and one of it's contributing artists.

Chapter head for CAPA - "old things pass away and behold all things become new".

Songs From A Sinner

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A home studio CD of original songs written and recorded by Ken Rich. The CD itself is burned on a home computer, not pressed, and comes in a plastic jewel case with a graphic insert.

This album is in pre-production and contains raw home studio versions of the songs. Once the official version is released, this limited time version will no longer be available.

Copies are hand produced on a home computer, but come in a plastic jewel case with album art insert. You can download the lyrics by zip file here:


Songs from a Sinner - Lyrics

Free Download, 241KB
Lyrics of songs on the album (in preproduction) "Songs from a Sinner" by Ken Rich.

Videos made from the album


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