Ken Rich

Creator of the Indie Gospel network and one of it's contributing artists.

Chapter head for CAPA - "old things pass away and behold all things become new".

Change for Children


Change for Children - This program attempts to fund orphans who are under the stewardship of  WAAOM . You can help supply a needy child with the basics of food, shelter, clothing, and an education. The support can be given as you are led, not by contract or monthly pledge. 

The orphanages involved have at least one member on our network to represent their staff, and a group to highlight and promote their activities. You are able to contact and interact with them, examine their certificates, join their group, or follow their links. Complete transparency and open communications are thereby assured. 

The Sound of Hope project also collects for this fund. It's a philathropic effort to give hope to orphans by funding them through music sales and love offerings.   

Internet sales of Cd's are provided but we also supply a video and table display with brochures, to empower anyone to reach out to their Church family. This brings home the plight of these orphans in a way that touches hearts and the Cd becomes a thank-you gift for love offerings.  

You can also just simply donate to the program. All funds that come through this button are processed by WAAOM with 100% reaching the children. All transfer, accounting, and administration fees, are covered by the WAAOM founder.


We All Are One Ministry - has directors in many countries to oversee their programs and help the disadvantaged. Pastors are chosen for their personal character and integrity. 

These wise stewards safeguard the spiritual and physical well being of widows and orphans. 

This is an " umbrella " organization which partners with and supports many diverse Ministries from around the globe, but only when they adhere to the strictest of accountability procedures and screening policies. Federal EIN 45-4376541