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WOT - Web of Terror

user image 2012-04-22
By: Ken Rich
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This article has been edited to fit my evolving understanding of the WOT scam.

Ostensibly WOT has a good purpose, and looks very respectable on the surface. However, in practice they are nothing more than a digital extortion racket. Wot's trolls attack a sites reputation with lies and slander, sending the owner on an stressful, time consuming, expensive quest to validate their site.
I am posting this here, because initially when I wrote WOT they directed me to their forum. The forum is a place where obnoxious, accusatory trolls attack your personal dignity, slander your character, and belittle your efforts to express the truth. Whatever I posted there kept getting deleted by their staff, so they simply wasted my time with aggravating nonsense.

After complaining repeatedly about lies and slander posted against this network, I was banned. This is typical of WOT, and this same experience is reported by thousands of others.

Google WOT SCAM and you will find plenty of evidence for their slanderous, libel, unconscionable defamation of legitimate sites. For example: _  

One of Indie Gospel's members, initially supported WOT financially, and trusted their rating system. They ended up having one of their own sites attacked. It was a Christian site with all text, and no links, but it was maligned as advertising and linking to bad sites. The slanderous attack had no basis in reality, and did not even attempt to look plausible. The same baseless accusation was made against an orphanage we host, which also did not have any ads on it. 

This same site owner (a trusted member here),  told me WOT was attacking our network. Sure enough, I checked and every single one of our sites was red lighted. They were scaring people away from us who might have otherwise been saved. This is totally unacceptable, infuriating, malicious, and evil. 

I've worked too hard, for too long, with absolute integrity, to let such a thing stand, and I am quite frankly physically and emotionally ill over this.

Indie Gospel   is a non-profit Christian social network. We spread the Gospel through music, promote worthy charities, and provide free Christian resources. We do good work all around the world. 

We have a screening process which keeps out most would be spammers/scammers. We have admins who police the network, and we have a staff that can rectify any problems pointed out to us. I often punch 16 hour days with no pay (in fact with out of pocket costs) to run this Ministry, so you can imagine my distress at having it maligned. 

If a valid problem was detected, pointed out, and we failed to act then and only then would there be grounds for WOT to trash us, or attempt to destroy the trust of our members and visitors. Instead they red lighted us based on lies and slander from biased WOT members. 

WOT portrays itself as having a good purpose, but in practice is damaging legitimate sites, and even heroically good clean Christian websites. Why don't they target the hackers and pedophiles instead, and leave the good sites alone? That's easy to answer, there would be no money in that! Wot sells safety seals for over $700 a year. 

I initially asked our members to go to WOT to rate us and leave comments. I appreciate the ones who have, but new member ratings are not worth anything in their system. So the members of Indie Gospel Artists who actually use and know this network , who have insider knowledge, and actual experience with the sites agenda and activities are not counted. HOW CONVENIENT

Not only that, having our members join their system exposes them to the fraud, and feeds the beast. It's another facet of the scam which keeps perpetuating it. 

I spent a full month jumping through WOT's hoops and trying to get their staff to delete lies and slander from their members SuperHero58 and Shazza . All of our sites except 2 went from red to green, but instead of banning those two WOT power members, they banned me instead for protesting their malicious, slanderous lies.

WOT has stepped on the wrong toes this time. Coming against this network and it's members, is coming against the Saints of God. It will not be tolerated Psalm 105:15 Do not touch my anointed ones...

I am in the process of gathering evidence and recruiting those who have been unfairly attacked and abused by WOT members. When the time is right, a lawsuit will proceed. WOT is breaking laws protecting against slander and defamation of character. They are ruining legitimate businesses and destroying peoples livelihoods, not to mention damaging Ministries and even orphanages. 

Please contact me, if you wish to become involved in this lawsuit and put an end to WOT's tyranny. Our contact details are on our certified online business card at , or simply e-mail below.


Ken Rich
Network Creator



Michael Fortner
04/22/12 06:10:51PM @michael-fortner:

I would not be concerned with WOT, they are nothing and nobody. I have had web sites since 1998 and I have never heard of them. Just for fun I typed in my site and got a 41 number. All I have is basic html and ads from google, and embedded youtube videos, and a wordpress blog also, so they are obviously not using an evaluation that matters. Ignore them, most people are, I am sure.

Ken Rich
04/22/12 06:29:22PM @ken-rich:

Thank you Michael. They bill themselves as having 35 million users and counting, so I find it concerning (if true) that so many people actually use their service and accept their trust ratings.


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