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The Sound of Hope

By: Ken Rich
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For a long time now, the Indie Gospel network has had a mission to "win souls and feed kids". Today, I am happy to announce a new initiative that can accomplish both of those goals in a way that brings artists and charities together.

I've dubbed it "The Sound of Hope" and it involves producing compilation Cd's with various artists, to fund the over 1,200 orphans in our growing Worthy Charities program. This program was recently featured in Equanimity Magazine.

Our charities are now also members of WAAOM, which provides a rigorous accountability process. Our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Teresa Ann Wiggins, who is also the president of WAAOM, so proper management of any funds collected is assured.

Official page is

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James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
11/17/12 04:06:38PM @james-banfields-top-20-songs:

This is defintely a move of the Lord ... The Song Selection went great and the powers that be, have all approved the selection of the First one.  Halleluia... JB

Ken Rich
11/17/12 05:37:00PM @ken-rich:

I'm going to need to get the smelling salts when you guys see what we will be rolling out soon - lol. The "big boys" are making a version of this that is huge. I'm on the small management team building it, and it's the biggest thing to hit the Gospel music scene in decades, perhaps ever. It's hard holding on to ones marbles when one thinks about the implications, the size, the scope, the impact.


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